Icebreaker’s RealFLEECE® is nature’s alternative to synthetic fleece, made from soft merino wool. Find a huge variety of merino wool fleece products, including tops, hoodies, jackets, and vests. With a variety of layer types, weights, and colours, you’re sure to find the right fleece for your favourite cold-weather activity. Our merino wool fleece for men and women is lightweight and breathable, to keep you comfortable, warm, and dry in any environment. Naturally odour resistant, our RealFLEECE® collection is ideal for long winter hikes and other journeys. Great as an extra layer under a heavy coat or as a solo outer layer, our lightweight fleece jackets are low-bulk and highly insulating. Layer our fleece with our base layers or outer layers as part of our unique layering system. Be sure to check out Icebreaker’s other outdoor & hiking merino clothes.